Baked stuffed peaches is a fresh and simple recipe that is perfect for serving during the summer months.

Grilled salmon fillet

The grilled salmon fillet, a quick and simple dish, allows you to keep intact the flavors of the fish, enhancing them with a few simple ingredients.

Risotto with Nizza Docg

If we think about Piedmont, we immediately think about a well-defined food culture full of history, and which utilizes high quality ingredients with a culinary tradition of strong, decisive flavors. What makes Piedmont cuisine so characteristic? Its red wines.

Zabajone with Moscato d’Asti

Zabajone is a classic cream and boasts centuries of history.


In 1999, the Morozzo Capon was declared the first Slow Food Presidium, which means deserving special protection as it embodies the identity and tradition of the Morozzo area.

Poached Octopus

Poached octopus, also known as purpetiell affugat, is a typical Neapolitan recipe that originates in the village of Santa Lucia, thanks to a group of fishermen.

Pollo Arrabbiato

Pollo arrabbiato is an easy-to-make dish, renowned for its spicy flavor.

Piedmont Agnolotti

Agnolotti are a popular meat or herb filled dumpling from Piedmont, appreciated both in Italy and abroad. This delightful dish has been added to the list of traditional Italian agroalimentary products by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forest and protected by the Piedmont Region.