Piedmont Agnolotti

Agnolotti are a popular meat or herb filled dumpling from Piedmont, appreciated both in Italy and abroad. This delightful dish has been added to the list of traditional Italian agroalimentary products by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forest and protected by the Piedmont Region.

Homemade Bonet

Bonet, which is widely believed to derive from the word “Bunet”, is a Piedmontese word meaning ‘hat’. The origins of the name are not certain. Some people say it is because the dessert was traditionally served in a copper mould that resembled and was referred to as a bonèt ëd cusin-a (a ‘chef’s hat’).

Bagna Cauda

More than a dish, it is a convivial ritual where everyone shares and consumes the meal, in a manner similar to fondue (in Piedmontese dialect, diàn or fojòt).

Warm Vitello Tonnato

Vitello Tonnato is a typical Piedmont dish that can be served both as a starter or as a main course. It is extremely popular because it is so delicious!

Grape Mostarda

Grape mostarda is a sauce that is deeply rooted in the food traditions of Piedmont (the recipe dates back to the Middle Ages). The sauce is made from small unripe clusters of grapes left on the vines after harvest, considered not suitable for vinification, and the addition of other seasonal ingredients.

Shrimp alla Busara

Shrimp alla Busara is a traditional recipe which takes its origins from Istria, and which today is an integral part of Trieste cuisine. For some people, the local dialect term Buzara derives from the iron pot that was used by fishermen to prepare this dish on their fishing boats.